Monday, March 1, 2010

Signs of Spring??

Just the other day I noticed something yellow popping out thru the greenery on the trellis at the store.........
Yes, it was my Carolina Jessamine telling me that Spring is not far away!

And my Yuletide Camelia is bidding us farewell for the season.......with the last of the bounty of beautiful blooms!
However, we are expecting snow tomorrow in Atlanta.
What do they say about March????? like a lion, out like a lamb........????


  1. Can hardly wait for the sweet blooming flowers !
    I surely hope we get spring here soon, our weather has been too much like "up Nawth" and it chills our Southern bones LOL.


  2. Your sweet kitties from the below post are adorable and thank you for the cheerful spring photos. Regarding the lion and the lamb...I put my vote in for all lamb, if I could, that is what I wish the whole of March to be.



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