Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Candles, Candles, Candles......

It's "White Wednesday" time again!
And here are a few items in our shop that are definately White Wednesday treasures!

Do you love candles as much as I do????  There is nothing like a wonderfully scented candle to make your home feel so warm and comfy.  Of course they come in all colors, but I like the basic white colors, ones with a powerful scent.  

Trapp Candles are my very favorite.....perfect to burn before that company comes over.  And you can still smell the candle the next day all throughout the house.

For something fun, or for your patio this summer, our wine glass candles are just whimsical enough for a party atmosphere.  This one will make you feel just link a "Princess" .

And for a feel good time, our Tyler Candle, especially in the "Glamtastic" scent, will simply make your day!  Who doesn't want to be glamtastic?????

Candles can be ordered at http://

For more "White Wednesday" treasures, be sure and check out Faded Charm's blog at


  1. I am a candle lover! and I think trap is top of the line.. I love the scent Bobs Flower Shoppe, it really smells just like the florist shop to me. Life should always smell that good! Bella

  2. I have that last one, my friend Gwen gave it to me and I love it!!

  3. Who doesn't like candles. I love the princess one.
    Come by my blog and win Rachael Ray bake ware.

  4. Oh these candles sound so happy to find your delightful blog!!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog today and for leaving me a comment. :) I like your candles! There's nothing like having candlelight spread throughout your home. :)
    Hope you have a nice day! OH, I have a Treasures and Trinkets blog party every Thursday if you have something you love that you'd like to link up! Actually mine is still open from yesterday if you have something you want to put on. :)

  6. Love candles! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your nice comment. Hope you have a lovely day.


  7. Hi-
    I am so glad you stopped by my blog because I then found yours.
    And yes- I love candles, but what I really love are the beads you are wearing in your photos in previous posts.
    They are amazing-
    are they silver?
    Does this sound weird?
    I hope not!


  8. I've never heard of Trapp candles and I LOVE candles! I'll have to check them out. Thanks for stopping by and making me laugh about digging my shovels!

  9. I have never heard about Trapp candles. Must be local to your area?

    Would love to have you visit my blog.

  10. I always love coming to visit your beautiful blog...I love candles, they are a favorite of mine.



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