Friday, March 5, 2010

Show and Tell Friday!

Welcome to another week of Show and Tell Friday.....the "My Romantic Home" blog hosts this event every Friday and here are a couple of photos I'd like to share with you this week.......... 
As the years pass I have become more and more of a doll lover.  Maybe it's because they remind me of being a carefree little girl.  One weekend, a few years ago while out antiquing, I ran across this gorgeous antique wedding doll.  I just could not walk away without purchasing the doll.  And now she sits in our guest bedroom adorning the dresser from my childhood room.  What a diva she is!

And with another holiday coming up, I'll be sporting my favorite apron on Easter! I've always been a fan of bling!  And of course, it's always fun to be "Queen of Everything", even if it's only for one day!  Gotta have your fun when you can, even if it means sporting an apron like this in front of your dinner guests! 
It's good to be QUEEN!

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  1. Your doll is beautiful, I love her blue eyeshadow! I love dolls, I wish I had more room so I could collect.

  2. Sweet doll and I need that apron...maybe I would cook a bit more...hehe~

  3. Iam not a doll collector, I saved my last childhood doll..but...I would totally LOVE to have her!!! She's beautiful!! Rhonda

  4. Love the doll, but I need the appron, maybe if I wore it they would treet me like a queen, I already act like one, he he, cooking is not my thing. I do cook, just not well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)


  5. What a beautiful doll...reminds me of the 50's....they sure don't make dolls and toys like they used to...It's nice that you can still find such well kept treasures....


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