Thursday, January 14, 2016

One of my New Year's resolutions is to blog more this year for the shop!

If you love to make dinners in your crock pot, then you are going to love this post.  

I'm a huge fan of recipes that don't have a lot of ingredients in them.  Especially, because it can be very costly to make the dish and then you never use all the stuff you bought again for a year.

Here's a simple dish to make when you are having company.  I borrowed it from one of my dealers, Brenda, who happens to carry her own line of salsa in our shop.   It's called 
"McGill's Gourmet Salsa" and all the salsas are yummy and made in Georgia.  It's available in the following flavors:  
Peach salsa, Apple salsa and Chunky salsa.

I used the Peach salsa with the chicken breasts (boneless).  So just place the 4 chicken breasts in the crock pot, pour the one jar of salsa on top and that's it!  

I cooked it on low for 6 hrs and the chicken was so tender and that it broke apart with a fork.

You just serve it with some rice/veggies and you have a meal fit for a king!

The salsa sells at the shop for $8.00 for a 18 oz jar. 
 And the best part, salsa is considered low fat and healthy for you!

Do you have a easy, low fat crock pot recipe that you like to make?

Happy New Year & Happy Cooking!

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Flowers, Deer and Blooms........

Just love Springtime here in Atlanta........we have the most beautiful blooms and flowers this time of the year.

The deer enjoy all the vegetation too!  Here are some photos of our blooming baskets and knockout roses in the yard at home.  Blooms are plentiful this year because we are using a great new product.  Keep reading, and I'll tell you about our secret to bloom success further down in the blog post, I promise.  :)

Thanks to a product we carry at the shop, called Deer-Out, we now have fabulous blooms every year.  The spray smells like mint, doesn't harm the environment or the deer.  The deer just sniff it and walk away and eat the non-blooming scrubs.  There's plenty for them to eat in our yard!

The Critter Out and Rabbit and Groundhog Out work great too. 

We sell all the products at the shop for $15.99 a bottle.

What do you use in your yard to keep the blooms never ending?  Please share your tips here, we'd love to hear about them!  :)

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's that time of year's Spring and our Iron Bed in front of the store is in need of some sprucing up in the flower department.  So last Sunday was the day.....I grabbed my two helpers and we tackled the task!

Abby & Hubby assessing the work to be done.....

With the help of some great potting mix......the work began........

Placement always important......:)

Abby says are we done yet??????

We planted red geraniums.....

Replanted tow-ticklers to spill over the side rails......

Yellow portulacas for the side of the bed.....

Our morning glories from last summer re-seeded they will grow up the headboard again.........cant wait to see them bloom again............. 

Multi-colored petunias for the middle part of the bed......

And as I was walking on the property I spotted the last of the blooms on the Christmas Camelia.......

And of course, we couldn't forget the window boxes on the storefront........all new box containers and flowers for the new season........

Marigolds and petunias...........

Some ice plants......

And even our stone cherub on the side of the store, got a new head-dress!!!

I'll post photos later on this Spring/Summer, so you can see how the Iron Flower Bed is coming along and growing.

Our special for this blog post will be on our Deer-Off spray line.......25% off on your purchase from this line.

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Please share some of your gardening tips with us in the comments!

Monday, April 6, 2015


We have some great new product at the shop this year!  Lots of new jewelry, florals, children's items, and gift's just a few................

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Which item is your favorite for gift-giving?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Gift and Decor Ideas

The holidays are almost here and we are preparing for the busy Thanksgiving Weekend shopping frenzy!  Looking forward to seeing all our fabulous customers and their families, as they stop by and begin their holiday gift buying.

The shop is chock full of great gift ideas and decorating accents for your tree and home.  Here's just a few items that just arrived at the store...................

Centerpieces for that special family dinner.....

Wreaths for the Front Door!

Holiday Candleholders.... 

Festive Signs!

More Candleholders!

Everyone needs a Christmas Manicure.....:)

Great Hostess Gifts!

And the perfect Wine Glass for the season!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's the end of a long sleepy summer here in Georgia, and we are having some great clearance sales at the shop!  We're also getting in some really awesome new product for the Fall and Christmas.  
And more new items are on their way!

Here's just a sampling of what's new at the shop!

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