Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Natural Handmade Soaps

Don't you just love handmade soaps?  There's just something about the look and feel of them, that makes you feel special.  At the shop we now carry our own soap line.  House and Garden Boutique soaps are made with olive oil, coconut oil and soybean oil.  They are so easy on the skin and smell just wonderful!

The soaps are $4.95 each or 3 for $14.00.  And they come in the following scents: Plumeria, Lilac, Lavender, Wild Flowers, Vanilla Oatmeal, Sweet Pea, & Pearberry.

What a great gift they will make for a friend or neighbor.  They are also available to purchase on our website at http://www.houseandgardenboutique/


  1. I love natural soaps in wonderful clean smells...oatmeal is a favorite of mine.

  2. Those look gorgeous. I like the packaging too! Lavender is my favourite :)

  3. Natural soaps are becoming so popular. They would make a perfect present.

  4. I do love handmade soaps. It makes you feel so special when using them...like you're being spoiled rotten!


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