Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Fireworks over Toccoa" Booksigning

Last night after work I moseyed over to my favorite little bookstore, Foxtale's Book Shoppe in Woodstock and had the most enjoyable evening.  They were having a book signing for Jeffrey Stepakoff, who is the author of "Fireworks Over Toccoa". 

However, it wasn't until I read his bio on their website that I realized why I recognized him.  He is very accomplished and has been writing professionally since receiving his MFA in Playwriting from Carnegie Mellon in 1988. His credits include the Emmy-winning The Wonder Years, Sisters, Major Dad, Disney's Tarzan, and Dawson's Creek (as co-executive producer). And this is his debut fiction novel.

He currently lives with his family north of Atlanta and teaches screenwriting at Kennesaw State University.  Jeffrey and his wife relocated to this area, from Hollywood, after they started their family.   He also mentioned that his wife's grandfather was once Mayor of Toccoa years ago. 

Here I am with some Hollywood royalty!  Can't wait to read the book......Jackie, one of the owners of the book store said she read it in one night.....that's how good it's supposed to be!!!


  1. How fun to meet someone so unexpected. Let us know how the book is, I am an avid reader and always interested in a good book.

  2. I will make sure to get this book. What a fun thing to meet the author!

  3. How COOL is THAT! You didn't even know it. That was fun.


  4. Thanks for visiting me today and leaving a fun comment.

    Girl - - - you already KNOW all about sex in the garden, just look at your blog - - - even has the word GARDEN in the title!

  5. wow! to have someone living in Ga. with alot of book credits. sounds like you had fun at the bookstore. Have a good day. Rose

  6. Just stopping in to say hello to a Sorority sister! Have a wonderful week!

  7. What a great book recommendation.
    I can't wait to get it and what a stellar resume!



    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. Hi! I'm trying to visit a few sorority sisters today! I'm so glad I stopped here, as I love to read and I watched many of his shows. I've already made a note to get this book. Thank you!



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