Monday, May 10, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Just had to share these photos with you of a special lunch that I had at the Tea Leaves and Thyme Tea Room with my son.  He treated me out for a surprise lunch on my birthday!  He just showed up and said "Let's go, we have a luncheon date at 1pm Mom".  And off we went!  The girls at the tea room had fun with John.  But I think he enjoyed it as much as I did.  The food was divine and so was the strawberry tea we had that day!

                                       We had the perfect table..............

The tea was absolutely wonderful!

And, oh, the food.....really yummy! 

Isn't your mouth watering????

And of course we had to dress for the occasion!  Cute fur huh?

And then there was dessert.......chocolate........!

Such a fun luncheon date!

What an afternoon to remember.......I know I will remember this birthday for years to come. 
Oh, and by the way, he's single girls!


  1. Yummy surprise lunch and your son's a cutie! Glad you had a wonderful mom's day and birthday!

  2. Well I am a first time visitor, Sue sent me. You are apparently our neighbor. I live in Kennesaw.

    Hopefully you will come back to have tea with us in June or are we stopping in your store.

    Can't wait.

    Sandie/chatty crone

  3. Knowing your love for GBP cookbooks, I thought I'd personally invite you to check out the giveaway on my blog.


  4. I am going to be at Tea Leaves and Thyme - God willing - so I will get to meet you that day - I'm excited. Can't wait to see your store.



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