Friday, June 11, 2010

Caviar Laundry

One day I decided that my laundry room was a mess and out of control!  Then I had a flashback to a conversation with a design customer of mine from the store. When I visited her home for a design consult she took me into her laundry room and showed me how she had fixed it up. The customer had decorated her shelves and walls with all the artwork and photos of her kids and grandchildren. It was so cute! And I remember so vividly what her comment was to me....."If I have to spend so much time in here doing laundry, I might as well make it look pretty and enjoyable!"
So with that in mind and inspiration from a dear customer, I made a few changes in my laundry room........
 I dressed up the sink with my favorite butterfly tray and a great photos of my kids when they were younger.  And over the washer dryer an oil painting is hung to give it a little punch.  It's just the right size to balance the space over the washer amd dryer.

This beautiful vintage oil painting is one that I won at the Dear Daisy Cottage blog giveaway last month.  It just had to go in my nook by the cabinet, with all my favorite storage boxes.
And of course I had to show off my favorite candles.....Trapp Candles.....
 My painter was a little puzzled when I asked for him to paint my walls a black color.  But I wanted something with a lot of contrast and fun.  He commented that he had never been asked to paint a laundry room that color!  But when it was all done, he really was impressed with the way it looked with the white cabinets.  It is a Sherwin Williams color, and the name of the paint color is Caviar....a semi gloss.   I smile everytime I walk into the laundry room more frowns when it's laundry time!

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  1. Oh I am so happy that the painting found such a nice place to hang out in! I love your new laundry redo - the black is fantastic and you've created an awesome and beautiful space to do laundry!

    I hope you have a great weekend and you stay nice and cool ... we are having a heat wave!


  2. Yes, I can imagine that even doing laundry could be enjoyable if you have such gorgeous laundry room. Everything looks just perfect!

  3. wow! That is a very chic laundry room. Love it!


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