Friday, January 19, 2018

You are invited to join us at the shop Saturday, February 3rd, from 12 noon - 4 pm for our 

Healthy Living in 2018 Event

Kara Sayre, owner of Kara's Kuisine will be on hand to show us how to eat healthier and cook healthier using essential oils.  We'll have food samples to try as well.  

Here is Kara's Bio:

My name is Kara Sayre, owner of Kara's Kuisine.  I have been married for nearly 28 years and am a stay-at-home Mom with 2 children.  My, now 20 years old son, is a Lymphona Childhood Cancer Survivor and my 9 year old daughter is in the High Functioning Autism Spectrum with ADHD and Generalized Anxiety.  Through our life journeys I began researching how foods can help us feel better and heal our bodies. I believe easy clean nutrient dense eating is the best way to accomplish this. I began holding cooking classes in my home nearly two years ago with a goal to get us back in the kitchen cooking easy delicious meals that nourish our bodies.

Joining Mrs. Sayre will be Jennifer Ware who is a Health & Wellness Coach with doTerra Essential Oils.  Mrs Ware sells doTerra Oils in our shop and will educate attendees on the oil benefits and its many uses.  

We'll also be featuring Essential Oil Jewelry that is available to purchase.  Brenda Hackney of Welcome Home Gifts will be displaying her line of Essential Oil Necklaces.  Mrs Ware has some cute Essential Oil Snap Charm Diffusers available for shoppers as well.

For additional information, you may contact the shop 
at 678-494-5800.

Look for us on Main Street by the Big Chair in Woodstock, GA!

Store Hrs: Mon-Sat, 10am-5:30pm, Closed Sun