Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Flowers, Deer and Blooms........

Just love Springtime here in Atlanta........we have the most beautiful blooms and flowers this time of the year.

The deer enjoy all the vegetation too!  Here are some photos of our blooming baskets and knockout roses in the yard at home.  Blooms are plentiful this year because we are using a great new product.  Keep reading, and I'll tell you about our secret to bloom success further down in the blog post, I promise.  :)

Thanks to a product we carry at the shop, called Deer-Out, we now have fabulous blooms every year.  The spray smells like mint, doesn't harm the environment or the deer.  The deer just sniff it and walk away and eat the non-blooming scrubs.  There's plenty for them to eat in our yard!

The Critter Out and Rabbit and Groundhog Out work great too. 

We sell all the products at the shop for $15.99 a bottle.

What do you use in your yard to keep the blooms never ending?  Please share your tips here, we'd love to hear about them!  :)

Thanks for stopping by!!